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Escort services and massage services in China have a long history. I am not writing this article to offer a history lesson, so I will skip the historical roots – however, you can read more for yourself. Most information is readily available on the internet.

It is important to note that although paying for sex services on the Mainland in China is illegal, Special Administrative Regions (SARs) such as Macau and Hong Kong legalized prostitution; however, Taiwan hasn’t designated any specific zones for the trade, so it remains illegal there.

In 2013 a court in the city of Foshan, China, determined massages with a “happy ending” did not constitute a sexual act, and therefore were not illegal.

Now, let’s move on past the history.

Why are massage services (both incall and outcall) and escort services so popular in China?

Simple economics…demand and supply are high. Let me explain: In China, family is very important. Younger generations care for and are responsible for older generations – and families often live together…parents living with adult children under one roof. As the older generation ages, the younger generation takes on all the responsibilities – mainly the finances, since in most cases, the older generation cares for and, basically raises the youngest generation – in other words, the grandparents raise the grandchildren while the parents work and pay for everything.

How does this relate to escorting and massage services? Well, in most areas of China it is very competitive to get an education – nearly half the population will never get past a middle-school education.

This being the case, many young ladies (and, sometimes men) leave their countryside communities for the larger cities. In the cities, they can find lucrative opportunities doing massages and escort services for visiting foreigners. This gives them good income and they can support their families as expected – even without a good education.

At the other end…the foreigners. Many foreign men that come to China (mainly for business purposes) find young, beautiful Chinese ladies quite appealing. So, as I mentioned earlier, this situation creates high demand.

Putting everything together, you get high supply (lots of young ladies looking to support their family, but lacking the higher education needed for high salary employment), and high demand (foreign men visiting China and mesmerized by all the young, beautiful Chinese ladies willing to take their money in exchange for their services).

Massage and Escort Services in China Today

First, the industry is very competitive – not just for the ladies working it, but for the people seeking the services. This trend led to the development of agents working on behalf of the ladies – this offers the girls more exposure, since the agents handle all the advertising and lead generation. Agents also offer protection for the working girls. Not all foreigners are kind and honest, so the agents typically need to ensure safety and security for the ladies they represent.

(It should be noted that many ladies remain independent of agencies. Some foreigners prefer independent services rather than working through an agent.)

As a lady providing services, I would discourage independence in this industry – I have firsthand experience with hostile foreigners and it never works well for the ladies. As an independent, the ladies get paid more since there is not agency taking any fees; however, they have no support system in case of a contingency. In my case, I worked as an attorney for many years and I know the law inside and out. I also have a fantastic working relationship with law enforcement – so, if someone causes trouble for one of my girls, they usually end up on the wrong side of the jail cell bars.

Fake Girls and Fake Advertising

The internet is the most popular advertising platform – although, word-of-mouth is also widespread in many of the larger cities.

As we all know, the internet is less than honest most of the time. One practice many agencies in China are involved in is deceptive advertising. It is very, very common for agencies to hire marketers that do nothing but generate leads – this means, the marketers use search engine optimization (SEO) to grab as much traffic off internet search engines as possible. Additionally, they often use stolen photos of beautiful models to lure customers into believing they are the real service providers. This is a horrible and dishonest practice – not only does it make the customer angry when they were deceived, but it reduces the value of the service provider. Most of the service providers are beautiful women. The dishonest agencies use doctored and photo-shopped images to create the perfect model photo. Most of the escorts and massage girls don’t show up for their assignment photo-shopped, so the customer doesn’t see their real beauty – they usually only feel deceived and their frustration causes immediate animosity toward the girl – this can either lead to the girl being rejected (and, making no money for her trouble in traveling, or receiving the customer) or, the customer focusing their anger on the poor girl, possibly causing harm to her). Neither case is acceptable.

SEO Websites from Google Search Examples
SEO Websites from Google Search Examples

As a customer, I would concentrate on finding an agency that has a solid reputation for honesty; or, if you have no way to research an agency’s reputation, then scroll through the various results in the search engine and discard the sites that clearly only exist for their keywords, phrases, or SEO mark-ups.

More SEO Websites from Google Search Examples
More SEO Websites from Google Search Examples

My sites are all legit and have been around for a while. In fact, you will definitely see copycats all over the search engines. One sure sign of a copycat is their poor use of the English language. As I scan the competition, I can’t help but laugh at the poorly written sites – this is a sure sign you might not get the services you think you are ordering.

My sites have also gotten attention from hired hackers. Not only do competitive agents hire dishonest advertisers, they also hire hackers (often these advertisers use computer literate workers to hack competitive websites – or try to anyway).

Attacks Blocked by Firewall
Attacks Blocked by Firewall

You Get What You Pay For

I work with many beautiful ladies – I think all women have beauty in them, so I am biased in this respect. There are classic beauties available and whom are excellent service providers; however, as with anything in life, they are in high demand. If a customer wants a specific girl, then they need to plan – the short notice, “I need someone now” approach will get you whomever is available – it’s that simple. I doubt seriously that your trip to China was spontaneous – as the Visa requirements alone will eat up a week or more of your time (sometimes much, much longer than a week). If you want a particular provider, then plan ahead. You also need to be prepared to pay for it – if you haggle with me and want a supermodel provider for 400 rmb, then don’t bother calling me. First, I won’t insult one of my providers with a “short notice 400 rmb” order. Additionally, if you are drunk, then sober up before wasting my time and the time of the service provider – it pisses everyone off when I schedule someone at the last minute on a discount, and the customer is so drunk they fall asleep or can’t figure out how to open up their hotel room doorDo everyone a favor and control yourself.

If a lady arrives and you change your mind or decide you don’t want her services, then you need to pay for her travel expenses – ie. taxi fare. It is expected of you and it is a common industry practice. Don’t cheat someone because you failed to plan, drank too much, or just can’t get your life in order to be courteous.

Pay For It

The “I can’t find an ATM”, or my “my PayPal account won’t work” is not acceptable. I have seen it a thousand times…a customer agrees to pay in US dollars via Paypal, then they send me a fake screenshot of the payment being sent. I am not stupid – PayPal is much more efficient, and I have been in business with them since they opened up – if you send me a fake screenshot and expect services, I will call the police, and your consulate.

Also, don’t charge back services on your credit card or PayPal account after you received serviceWayne Gamble did this to me. He got services (discounted because he’s a poor little person) and then he told PayPal his account was hacked, and he didn’t authorize the charges. I have pictures of him with the provider. I have emails and texts from him. He is a coward and a loser…so, please don’t be a Wayne Gamble. By the way, his consulate has been informed as well as his wife and family (PayPal also returned the charge-back to my account). I am not stupid, and I expect the same honesty from my clients as I offer to them.

Don’t Harm the Girls

Do you want to go to jail? Chinese jails are unpleasantIf you hurt one of the ladies, you will go to jail. Not only that, but it is very likely that one of her security escorts is close by and will have a few things to say to you.

I had a Mr. Smallshaw (appropriately named from what the girl told me) who beat up one of the girls. Don’t do it. It won’t end well for you and the police are not kind to lady-beaters.


I wrote an article on etiquette, aimed specifically at foreigners unfamiliar with basic Chinese culture.

Dating and Escorting

We are not a dating service and never will be. The ladies I work with are not interested in being swept off their feet by a visiting foreigner. They are service providers, not mail-order brides. Please respect that fact and respect their positions.

Also, if you have poor hygiene, don’t expect the ladies to be warm to you. Many of them will contact me immediately and the appointment is over. Take a shower, brush your teeth, or whatever, but be well groomed if you want quality services.


Here are some of the things some of my girls told me about their experiences (some are good, some are bad):

I had a client from [country omitted]. I don’t know what country, but his English was okay. When I arrived, he was very courteous to me. He told me I was very pretty, but I wasn’t the lady he thought was coming. He made a phone call, then paid me cash up front. I enjoyed working with him since he was such a gentleman.” Tina – Shanghai

I showed up to an appointment with an [country omitted]. I was late because of traffic. The guy refused me and refused to pay my taxi fare. He spoke with my boss, and eventually paid for my taxi. He smelled like he had been drinking a lot and pushed me out the door of his hotel.” Lily – Beijing

I arrived at my appointment and found another girl already with the customer. He refused to pay my taxi and was rude to me.” Elena – Qingdao

My customer was such a nice man. He smelled very nice and offered me a glass of wine, but I didn’t except. He was very respectful, and he paid me extra money because he liked my massages” Lucy – Shanghai

I got into an argument with a customer about the rate. He agreed with the agency to pay 1500 rmb, but he only had 800 with him. He refused to go to the customer service desk and ATM. I wanted to leave but he grabbed me by the wrist and broke my watch. He threw my phone into the hallway and slammed the door. My phone is broken, and he paid me nothing. I had to bandage my wrist because it was bleeding.” Crissy – Shenzhen

I only see customers when they schedule in advance. I am a professional and expect to be treated that way.” May – Beijing

My customer wanted to take naked pictures of me. I refused. I am very private person and don’t want my family seeing my pictures on the internet. He was from [country omitted] and was very demanding with me. He smelled very bad and pushed me around a lot.” Helen – Foshan

I went to an appointment very late. The customer was in a small hotel and I was insecure about it. I waited for him to meet me outside because the security of the hotel needed a key card. He finally met me and took me to his room. He apologized and tried to make me comfortable. I was supposed to spend two hours with him, but I was too nervous. He let me leave after only one hour. He paid me my rate even though I left early. He was a nice guy.” Jessie – Tianjin

I met with a man from [country omitted]. He was drunk and fell asleep while I was working with him. I just took my money and left. He later called my agency and wanted his money back. I did my best and he fell asleep because he was too drunk.” Jill – Dongguan

I enjoy my work. I am embarrassed for my family, so I don’t send pictures. I am a pretty woman, but I don’t want my family embarrassed because I work like this.” Sunny – Suzhou


Hiring a massage girl (or guy, or other, if you prefer) or escort, can be a great experience. It is also a great way to enjoy yourself and relax in China.

Stay on your guard for the fake sites, false offers and dishonest advertising – China is well-known for deceptive business practices. If you want honest services, then you must find the right sources. Dishonest agencies spamming the search engines with popular keywords and fake photos is quite prevalent, so do your research or you will probably be disappointed.

Don’t be a Wayne Gamble or a Smallshaw – be a good customer and the service providers will treat you very well.

If you want honest, quality services, contact me and we can work together to meet your needs.

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